Hanoded’s Best Of Ink, Pen & Brush

Based in The Netherlands, Hanoded was started by David Kerkhoff—a man who has worn many hats throughout his career. David has worked as a zookeeper, a goldsmith, an artist, a cook, tour guide and photographer; and that’s just naming a few. To say that he can look at a project through a multitude of lenses is an understatement, and that is part of what makes Hanoded, and the fonts that come out of it, so special.

David has taken the experiences he’s had in all of these different roles and funneled them into this fun, fresh bundle. Hanoded’s Best Of Ink, Pen & Brush collection brings together some of our favorite, although wildly varying, tools and creates a package that is as versatile as the man behind it. Including everything from Au Revoir—an elegant, slightly cursive yet very legible handwritten font—to boldly painted Black Bamboo, this bundle is guaranteed to spice up your personal font library.

Specializing in hand printed typefaces, David has put together a beautiful arrangement of 12 fonts carefully crafted with brushes, pens, ink and pen. Pick up Hanoded’s Best Of Ink, Pen & Brush today!

Get it here:

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