Rabbit Escape

Lately I have been thinking about rabbits. Not that I have a particular love for rabbits – they’re cute, but also kind of stupid. But as Christmas dinner is approaching, I see more rabbit carcasses lining the shelves of supermarkets. These poor animals never saw the light of day, never felt the grass between their paws and never had a ‘true life’. In honour of the hundreds of thousands of rabbits being slaughtered for Christmas this year, I have named this font: Rabbit Escape.
Rabbit Escape is a slightly back-slanted typeface – handmade with a permanent marker I bought in Japan. It is quite unusual, maybe a bit weird, but it will serve you well.
Comes with a generous stuffing of diacritics.

Get it here:

Myfonts Fontspring Fontbros Linotype Fonts.com

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