I originally wanted to call this font Instant Pudding. When I was a kid, we sometimes had instant pudding (the ‘add cold milk and rest in the fridge’ kind) for dessert. My brother and I loved the stuff, especially when some of the pudding powder had not dissolved and had turned into brightly coloured speckles!

But this font, alas, did not ‘feel’ like instant pudding, so I hunted the internet for other, more obscure, puddings.
I found Spoonbread.

Apparently it is a pudding-like Southern American dish, made from cornmeal. I have never tasted it, nor do I particularly like corn (most of it is GMO anyway), but the font and the name became friends. And who am I to tear this beautiful relationship asunder?

Spoonbread – use it for your packaging, your books, your posters and your games. And when you make Spoonbread, use organic cornmeal!

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