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  • Avontuur

    I have been working on a lower case set for my Plakkaat font – this is the result: Avontuur (meaning Adventure in Dutch).

  • Castle On The Hill

    I was listening to an Ed Sheeran song on the radio when I designed this font. So, here’s Castle On The Hill: a nice and messy serif.

  • Struffoli

    Struffoli are small deep fried dough balls from Napels. I just liked the name – Struffoli font is a hand made brush font, kind of blobby and cute.

  • Summer Romance

    I’m beginning to get the hang of ‘connected script fonts’ – my latest one is called Summer Romance, made with a Japanese brush-pen.

  • Tompouce

    Pfew! It took me a while to finish this one: my first ever connected curly script. It seems to be all the rage right now.

  • Kodama Forest

    I thought it was time for a Ralph Steadman inspired font, called Kodama Forest.

  • Splinterhand

    It took me a while to finish this one: my kids had a couple of days off from school… But here it is: Splinterhand.

  • Zombie Starfish

    I finished a new font family called Zombie Starfish. Comes in 3 great styles: regular, eroded and dots.

  • Mysterious

    Mysterious is a well, ehm, rather mysterious font…. Comes with ligatures and alternates.

  • Framboisier

    Framboisier is a new brush script font. Complete with alternate glyphs.