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  • Tenterhooks

    A nice, rough, messy Chinese ink font – made with a broken satay skewer.

  • Studio Brush

    I really like making brush fonts! Studio Brush is a neat, all caps and quite useful font!

  • Bakeapple

    A nice, handmade kids’ font!

  • Skulduggery

    A weird font with a weird name!

  • Party Pocket

    I was cleaning out the pockets of my jeans the other day – and realised I had ‘Party Pockets’ ;-)

  • Peanut Crunch

    A hand-painted tribute to Rempeyek: Indonesian peanut crackers we often eat at home.

  • Endgame

    I bought a pack of really, REALLY bad brushes – this is the quite beautiful result.

  • Sunbird

    Sunbird is a happy, rounded, cartoonish font family of 6.

  • Rough Therapy

    No, I don’t need therapy. Just needed a bold and rough name for this bold and rough font.

  • Spring Chicken

    The other day I discovered that, regrettably, I am no longer a spring chicken.. So I named a font after it.