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  • Rainclouds

    I was doodling away on a rainy day…

  • Troutbeck

    I used to live in the English Lake District and this font is named after a small town on the hilly road from Windermere to Penrith.

  • Kandij

    Kandij is the Dutch word for Rock Sugar. It is also a new, handmade font, filled with lumpy cuteness!

  • Daitengu

    A messy, organic brush font named after the mythical Japanese protector of mountains and forests.

  • Lazy Morning

    I haven’t had a lazy morning since my children were born. I guess all you parents out there understand this….

  • Reluctant Aviator

    In 1910 a cat named Kiddo snuck on board of an airship and almost crossed the Atlantic Ocean! I named this cartoon font after it!

  • Chewy Caramel

    I don’t like candy – in fact, I hate them. But I loooooove caramel!

  • Bumper Sticker

    An uncomplicated fat display font!

  • Symbolic Prophecy

    It’s not the end of times, but a handmade font! ;-)

  • Cadora Woods

    A font with a medieval look, named after a stretch of wood on Offa’s Dyke Path.