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  • Longreach

    A new headline font: Longreach is all caps, all legible, all handmade.

  • Aiguille

    Aiguille is my first font for the year: it is a lovely connected script font with lots of alternates and ligatures. Picture by Mike Taylor on Unsplash

  • Headlock

    Headlock is a nice handmade serif – comes with double letter ligatures and basic Cyrillic.

  • Grigory

    Grigory Rasputin was a rogue monk: Grigory font is a rough all caps font.

  • Brushzilla

    Brushzilla is a brush font with a bite (and alternates + ligatures)

  • Winterberry

    Winterberry is a chaotic script font with some serious splatter.

  • Superbrush

    Superbrush is a… well, a super brush font!

  • Millefeuille

    Millefeuille is a beautiful handmade postcard font.

  • Primordial

    Primordial is a chaotic hand made script font. Just remember: from chaos comes beauty!

  • Combustible

    Combustible is a handmade script font. Quite messy, yet highly legible!