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  • Uncle Edward

    Uncle Edward is a beautiful, classic, handwritten script font which comes in three styles.

  • Woolwich

    Woolwich is a family of 5 handmade fonts, loosely based on Futura Condensed.

  • Harajuku Script

    I just finished a nice, stylish script font called Harajuku Script.

  • Carrot Juice

    Carrot Juice is a lovely script font, made with a cheap Chinese brush pen I bought on the internet.

  • Honeyguide

    A new ‘brushy’ font family is finished: Honeyguide. Ideally suited for packaging and book covers.

  • Myfonts Fontacular

    Interested in daily deals on fonts? Then head over to Myfonts from October 23rd t0 October 27th for the Myfonts Fontacular. Check it out!

  • Bitumen

    Bitumen is a handmade font, based on Haettenschweiler and Schmalfette Grotesk. The family consists of two fonts, each with their italic style.

  • Gamboge

    A nice, handmade font with a little ’20’s feel to it.

  • Blackminster

    Blackminster is a Gothic font I found in a 1916 lettering book. The original letters were hand made by Harry Lawrence Gage.

  • Morgenfrisk

    Morgenfrisk means: ‘feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep’ in Danish. This font was based on a script from a 1952 copy of Speedball.