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  • Leftover Crayon

    A cute, rough and happy crayon font made with leftover crayons from my kids.

  • Spaghetti & Cheese

    A new font called Spaghetti & Cheese: rough, handmade and legible. Ideal for packaging and ads!

  • Fontbros Newsletter

    My Frozen Memory font features in the latest Fontbros newsletter.

  • Slivowitz

    Slivowitz is actually spelled with a ‘v’ (SlivoVitz), but I liked it better with a ‘w’. It is an Eastern European plum brandy – and now a connected script font as well.

  • Brouillard

    Brouillard means ‘fog’ in French. I thought it was a nice name for my latest connected script font.

  • Coquillage

    Coquillage (shell in French) is a lovely connected script I am working on.

  • Bottle Brush

    A fun and messy new brush script: Bottle Brush. Comes with ligatures and alternates.

  • Shinano

    A new brush font this time: Shinano, named after the province in which one of my favourite Haiku poets – Kobayashi Issa – was born.

  • Guerrilla Handshake

    Some people are bad hand shakers: they practise the Guerrilla Handshake technique! Especially for those, I have created Guerrilla Handshake font! Made entirely by hand, using brush and ink.

  • Rough Patch

    If seriously eroded and completely handmade fonts are your thang, then Rough Patch is what you’re looking for!