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  • Frozen Memory

    Just finishing a new display font called Frozen Memory. Still working on the graphics.

  • Compagnon

    Made a new display font called Compagnon. It comes in a regular style, plus a dirty one. Both have their matching italics.

  • Discolicious

    I am working on a 70’s disco font, called Discolicious. Complete with a psychedelic poster….

  • Bygone Canada

    For a Canadian client, I created a new version of Bygone – with lowercase glyphs.

  • Full Blast

    I cleaned out my pencil box and found a leaking old marker pen, which I was about to throw away. I decided that I could use it one last time and the result is Full Blast font.

  • Larks’ Tongues

    I finished a cute little ‘witches’ font today, called Larks’ Tongues (named after the 1973 King Crimson album Larks’ Tongues In Aspic).

  • Mariken

    Mariken is a handmade font based on the works for the 16th century French printer/designer Robert Granjon. It was also based on my recent Halewyn font!

  • Halewyn

    Heer Halewijn is a 13th century Dutch folk tale which deals with a killer of women and a princess who outsmarts him. This handmade font was based on my Languedoc font and Garamond.

  • Elbow Grease

    I spent a long time getting this font right: it started off as a grunge font, but I changed it, then forgot to save all the hard work and had to start all over again. Elbow Grease indeed… You can get it here.

  • Entourage

    My latest font is quite cute, rounded and quirky. Meet Entourage! Get it here.