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  • Teacup

    http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/hanoded/teacup/ Teacup is a handmade sans – quite stylish, with just enough ‘rough’ to make it stand out. Comes in an open and a closed style.

  • Xanthine

    Xanthine… is a purine base found in most human body tissues. Yes, you can forget that. I don’t even know what it means, but I suddenly realised that I was running low on fonts with an ‘x’ in the name. Xanthine font is a messy brush: it is all caps, but upper and lower case…

  • Bonedigger

    Bonedigger is a rough and eroded display typeface. Quite handy for your titling or product packaging. Comes in a regular and inline style + italics. Get it here

  • Rough & Eroded: Buckthorn

    I really like rough & eroded fonts, so I have created a new one called Buckthorn. Comes with a very handy shapes dingbat style as well. Get it here

  • Loose & Lovely: Burobu

    My latest font is a blob-like affair: Burobu means blob in Japanese. Comes with a cute doodle pack as well. Get it here

  • Cute & Eroded: Terpentijn

    My latest font is a bit weird: it is called Terpentijn. Get it here

  • New font family: Colporteur

    A Colporteur is a peddler of books, newspapers, and similar literature. When I was young, we often got visits from colporteurs – mostly they wanted to sell us a very expensive encyclopaedia. I haven’t seen them for a while – the internet probably killed their trade, as there are numerous free encyclopaedias out there. Colporteur…

  • You Work For Them Newsletter

    Your Work For Them’s newsletter features Hanoded Fonts! This is what they said: David Kerkhoff began his career as a type designer in a way that so many others do: after experiencing the difficulty of finding the “perfect” font for a project, one decides to solve the problem simply by creating their own. When David…

  • Bygone

    No fancy shmancy Wacom work here: Bygone font was made with a brush, ink, sweat and patience! Get it here

  • Toadstool

    I have been playing with my Wacom again and Toadstool font is the result! Get it here