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  • New font family: Colporteur

    A Colporteur is a peddler of books, newspapers, and similar literature. When I was young, we often got visits from colporteurs – mostly they wanted to sell us a very expensive encyclopaedia. I haven’t seen them for a while – the internet probably killed their trade, as there are numerous free encyclopaedias out there. Colporteur…

  • You Work For Them Newsletter

    Your Work For Them’s newsletter features Hanoded Fonts! This is what they said: David Kerkhoff began his career as a type designer in a way that so many others do: after experiencing the difficulty of finding the “perfect” font for a project, one decides to solve the problem simply by creating their own. When David…

  • Bygone

    No fancy shmancy Wacom work here: Bygone font was made with a brush, ink, sweat and patience! Get it here

  • Toadstool

    I have been playing with my Wacom again and Toadstool font is the result! Get it here

  • Fontbros Newsletter

    Hanoded Foundry was featured in Fontbros’s Newsletter. Yay! This is what they said: Lately we’ve been really inspired by the overflowing creativity of the Hanoded type library, the brainchild of David Kerkhoff from The Netherlands. David specializes in handprinted typefaces and uses brushes, pens, ink and paint to create his crazy-creative fonts. Check it out!

  • Whale Song

    Just finished a new font called Whale Song. It is an ode to the activists in their little dinghies, taking on those huge Japanese whalers. Get it here

  • Vlinder

    I’m experimenting with my new Wacom tablet and Vlinder (Butterfly in Dutch) is the result. Quite a cute font! Get it here

  • Spiced Pumpkin

    It is winter, so a Pumpkin Spice Latte would actually be a good idea! My newest font is an all caps, tall & thin typeface called Spiced Pumpkin. Get it here

  • New Myfonts Bundle: Hanoded’s Retail Fonts

    I just bundled up a couple of favorite fonts for a new Myfonts bundle: Hanoded’s Retail Fonts. They are basically the fonts I see on a large variety of products, so I figured it’d be a good idea to market them as a package. Get it here

  • Market Square

    Just finished a new font family called Market Square. The family consists of 4 different fonts, each with its own Italic style, plus a cute ‘market products’ doodle font. Get it here