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  • Erstwhile

    Erstwhile is a rather classy font family.

  • Griezelig

    Griezelig means ‘scary’ or ‘creepy’ in Dutch. I love making fairytale fonts and it was about time I created a new one!

  • Plastic Fantastic

    After a family holiday in Malaysia, Java and Bali, I can only conclude that plastic is choking the world. Therefore I give you Plastic Fantastic: a 6 style ‘wake up’ font.

  • Bergie Seltzer

    Bergie Seltzer: “the fizzing sound an iceberg makes when it melts”. There you have it!

  • Instant Harmony

    A nice 4-font family! Happiness guaranteed….

  • Third Time Lucky

    We’re in the process of buying a house. Our first and second bids were rejected, but our third (and final) bid was accepted, so I guess the old ‘third time lucky’ quote rings true for us!

  • Spinwash

    A nice brush font that will take the stains out of your designs!

  • Ketimun

    Ketimun (‘cucumber’ in Indonesian) is a nice, uneven script font.

  • Midnight Sun

    Just finished a two font family: Midnight Sun. Created with Chinese ink and a lot of paper sheets!

  • Apex Brush

    A nice set of matching brush fonts