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  • Perfect Day

    It’s also a great song by Lou Reed!

  • Bogeyman

    A (not too) frightening font this time!

  • Fictional Friend

    I don’t have a fictional friend, nor an imaginary one, but I do have a Fictional Friend font!

  • Tombouctou

    I have been to Timbuktu (or Tombouctou in French) several times. I had to think of that when I created this ‘oriental’ font.

  • Caffè Lungo

    Caffè Lungo is a family of 6 handmade fonts, ideal for book covers and posters.

  • Brushcrazy

    And yes, it’s a crazy brush font.

  • Brochette

    ‘Brochette’ is French for skewer. I used to guide tours in Mali and every night I could choose between a ‘Brochette de Capitaine’ (Nile perch) or a ‘Brochette de Boeuf’ (Beef). Brochette font is a curly, swirly font which comes with swashes as well!

  • Getaway Car

    This nice all caps brush font was named after one of my favourite Audioslave songs.

  • Waiting For My Girl

    I was listening to a System of a Down song called Hypnotize when I created this one. One of the song lines is: ‘I’m just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl’.

  • Bearskin

    Bearskin is a handmade all caps font. It’s a little rough, but has lots of character and comes with swashes too!