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  • My Friend Raffi

    My Friend Raffi is a font made by my 7 year old son Sam. He likes to help every so often! The font is free for personal use, but since Sam is saving his pennies for a trip to China (to see the Kung Fu temple), donations for commercial use are very welcome. My Friend…

  • Dapplegrim

    Dapplegrim is a Norwegian fairytale about a boy and a horse who rescue a princess from a nasty troll. Dapplegrim font was handmade and is ideally suited for kids’ book covers!

  • Symptomatic

    No, I am not down with the flue: I just liked the letter combination of Symptomatic. Seems to go nice with the messy look of it.

  • Widdershins

    I like strange words. Widdershins is one of them. It means ‘counter clockwise’ and I thought it fitted this rather messy font, which I made with a broken bamboo satay skewer.

  • Wayland

    Wayland (Vølund or Völundr) is the legendary blacksmith from Norse mythology. The name stuck, because this font is rather sturdy and big.

  • Roskilde

    Roskilde is a city in Denmark, famous for its rock festival and viking ship museum. Roskilde font is a geometric headline font.

  • Blabbermouth

    An uneven, wonky and slightly crazy font. They can’t all be stylish and connected!

  • Adagietto

    Adagietto is a musical term and means: ‘fairly slow’. Adagietto font is a no-rush classic font, best suited for projects that need a bit of class.

  • Arancello

    Arancello is a liquor not unlike Limoncello, but made with the zest of oranges, rather than lemons. It is also a nice connected Didone font.

  • Scapegoat

    After a bunch of very neat and organised connected fonts, I suddenly felt the need for some chaos…