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  • Delivery Note

    A fun new handwritten & doodle font!

  • Original Quality

    I see these words quite often on various products, so I decided to name a cute font after them!

  • Mulhouse

    A city in Northern France AND a nice movie poster font.

  • Fleabitten

    I love flea markets and second hand stores! Fleabitten font is an ode to vintage and pre-loved!

  • Odaiba Script

    Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. I have been to Japan numerous times, but I have to admit that I have never visited Odaiba. I named this script font Odaiba, so as not to forget!

  • Aficionado

    A nice, handmade all caps font. Based on turn-of-the-century ‘art deco’ typefaces.

  • Crimson Skyline

    A nice thin, all caps brush font – made with an actual brush and ink.

  • Neuer Weltschmerz

    A revival of an older font called Weltschmerz. This time, better kerning, spacing, metrics AND a lower case.

  • Downhill Dive

    A brushy ode to the time I lived in the English Lake District.

  • Cookie Crumble

    A lighthearted cookie tin font!