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  • Radical Brush

    A rather radical font, best suited for R-rated movie posters or extreme sports.

  • Hanoded’s Handmade Fonts Bundle

    A great bundle, 40 handmade and hand picked fonts for an unbelievable price. Only available from Myfonts.com

  • Hjem

    ‘Hjem’ means ‘home’ or ‘at home’ in Danish. That’s also where I made this font… ;-)

  • Springwood

    Spring is in the air! My two small pear trees are in bloom, bees are buzzing and I thought it was time for a fresh new font package with a spring-inspired name!

  • Kapsalon

    A 10 font package, named after the Rotterdam heart-stopping snack called Kapsalon (french fries, döner kebab, lettuce, sambal, garlic sauce – topped with melted Gouda).

  • Spiraling Down

    A lovely swirly (and also creepy) font, named after a line in one of my fav Opeth songs.

  • Plakkaat 2.0

    I updated one of my best-selling fonts: Plakkaat. It now comes with better kerning, additional glyphs and proper @, &, *, ª, º, ©, ®, and ß glyphs.

  • Bugbear

    A cute kid’s font

  • Cookie Supply

    A font fit for the Baked Goods section! ;-)

  • Bloomer

    A ‘Bloomer’ is a crusty bread with rounded ends. It is also a lovely, hand made display font – complete with rounded ends…