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  • Vlinder

    I’m experimenting with my new Wacom tablet and Vlinder (Butterfly in Dutch) is the result. Quite a cute font! Get it here

  • Spiced Pumpkin

    It is winter, so a Pumpkin Spice Latte would actually be a good idea! My newest font is an all caps, tall & thin typeface called Spiced Pumpkin. Get it here

  • New Myfonts Bundle: Hanoded’s Retail Fonts

    I just bundled up a couple of favorite fonts for a new Myfonts bundle: Hanoded’s Retail Fonts. They are basically the fonts I see on a large variety of products, so I figured it’d be a good idea to market them as a package. Get it here

  • Market Square

    Just finished a new font family called Market Square. The family consists of 4 different fonts, each with its own Italic style, plus a cute ‘market products’ doodle font. Get it here

  • Myfonts About Graphic

    Just made a myfonts.com about graphic – a nice little image to complement my info. Check it out!

  • Henceforth

    Henceforth is a hand-drawn, all caps didone-style typeface. It is a little rough, a little uneven, but lively and elegant as well. Personally I think it has a certain poshness about it: I mean, it wouldn’t look out of place in old Notary books, or old legal documents. Comes with an abundance of diacritics and,…

  • Cool Daddy

    Just finished my first new font of 2017: Cool Daddy. It is a seventies, rounded display typeface which comes with a groovy attitude and a laid-back style. You can get it here