Buying & Licensing Questions

Where can I buy your fonts?

You can actually do a couple of things: go to my fonts page and get it from there, or head over to the homepage and click on one of the vendor logos at the bottom of the page.

Why don't you sell your fonts yourself?

Long story short: I don’t have the time. Hanoded Fonts is a one man business. I make all the fonts myself, create the graphics and descriptions, keep my website up and running, and keep my 3 small kids and wonderful wife happy. Besides that, I have a regular job as well.

Are your resellers legit?

Yes, they are. Trust me. I  know what I’m doing… ;-)

What license do I need?

I really have no idea. I just make the fonts and do not handle licensing. Please ask the reseller of your choice.

How do I install a font?

The web is full of how-to’s, but if you’re really that desperate, then head over here.

Demo Fonts & Commercial Fonts

What is a demo font?

I have uploaded very basic demo versions of most of my fonts to sites like Dafont and Fontspace. Older fonts have the letters DK in front of the font name, to distinguish the non-embeddable demo versions from the real stuff. The latest fonts just have DEMO in the name, which makes it easier to tell a demo font from the full one.

Can I use your demo fonts commercially?

No you cannot. They come with a FAQ file in which all of this is explained. If you want to use a font commercially, then you should buy a license.

I have bought a font and some glyphs are missing...

My demo fonts don’t come with all the glyphs. In fact, they lack most (like the 4 and 5 and all accented letters). You should UNINSTALL any demo font you may have downloaded, BEFORE you install the commercial font you bought. When glyphs are not showing, you are probably still using the demo font.

Why all this hassle with demo fonts and commercial ones?

Yeah. I admit, it is a hassle. I’d like to think all of you out there are decent folk, but rumor has it that that may not be the case and illegal use of fonts is rife…

So why do you still upload demo fonts?

I believe that everyone should be allowed to test-drive a font before they buy it. A more or less fully working demo font is a good way to do just that.

Logos, YouTube, Social Media, OMG!

Can I use your fonts for my logo?

Yes, you can. Just buy a license. Do note that you can only trademark/copyright the DESIGN of the logo, not the font used, as the copyright for my fonts belongs to me.

Can I use your font for my YouTube channel?

Yes, you can – but ONLY if you buy a license. You cannot use any of my demo fonts for YouTube channels.

Can I use your font for my social media account?

Again, you can use my fonts for any social media account, as long as you buy the appropriate license. You cannot use any demo font for your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever account.

OMG! I used a demo commercially! What now?

Tsk tsk… Well, I am sure you used a demo font commercially because you didn’t know you should have bought a license. Contact me and I’m sure we’ll work something out.

Affiliate Disclosure & Disclaimer

I use affiliate links. Yes, I do!

I sell my fonts through several resellers. I make a few % extra on every font that gets sold through the affiliate links on this site. The good news is YOU don’t pay extra for that!


If you would like to read my disclaimer, you can head over here.

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