You Work For Them Newsletter

Your Work For Them’s newsletter features Hanoded Fonts! This is what they said:

David Kerkhoff began his career as a type designer in a way that so many others do: after experiencing the difficulty of finding the “perfect” font for a project, one decides to solve the problem simply by creating their own. When David initially set out to create a website for the display and sale of his photography, the ideal handwritten font eluded him so he tried his hand at type design. While his first font was “ugly” in his own opinion and never actually made it onto the site (we’ve all been there, right?), the project began a brand new and completely unexpected career path. Hanoded foundry was born from that life-changing metamorphosis.

The Hanoded foundry operates out of The Netherlands and primarily focuses on handwritten letter sets, using tools that include brushes and paint, pens and ink to create them. It’s received quite a bit of notoriety, too – his designs have been used on promotional tools and merchandise by Cirque Du Soleil, Singapore Airlines, Unox, Flying Tiger, and Quaker, as well as album covers for Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Lil Blood, and Tryptocaine, just to name a select few.

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