BWHanoded is a type foundry based in The Netherlands and run by David Kerkhoff. After finishing his journalism studies, David traveled extensively and ended up in Israel where he stayed for some years. David had a lot of jobs – zookeeper, goldsmith, artist and cook (to name a few), but settled on working as a tour guide and photographer. David specializes in handprinted typefaces and uses brushes, pens, ink and paint to create his  fonts. He lives in a slightly dilapidated house with his wife, two kids, several Burmese Buddha statues and a mosque-shaped alarm clock from Oman.

My fonts are for sale through various trusted websites. Just click on a logo and off you go!

For licensing questions, please contact customer service of the site you want to buy the font from.

This is a list of my fonts being used world-wide. Sometimes people send me a link and sometimes I just find my fonts in stores I visit, or magazines and newspapers I happen to read.

Adidas Neo
Adidas launched a new line of shoes called Neo. They purchased a font I made a while ago called Koshatnik. I granted them exclusive rights, so it is no longer available for download.

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