BWHanoded is a type foundry based in The Netherlands and run by David Kerkhoff. After finishing his journalism studies, David traveled extensively and ended up in Israel where he stayed for some years. David had a lot of jobs – zookeeper, goldsmith, artist and cook (to name a few), but settled on working as an adventure tour guide and photographer. David specializes in handprinted typefaces and uses brushes, pens, ink, paint and the occasional crayon (stolen from his son’s coloring box) to create his  fonts. He lives in the Betuwe (the fruit growing part of Holland) with his wife Stephanie, his three kids Sam, Yuli and Boris, several Burmese Buddha statues and a mosque-shaped alarm clock from Oman.

I sell my fonts through various websites – listed on the Fonts page below. These sites handle all sales and all licensing. Just click on one of the logos and off you go. Please note that if you have downloaded a demo font, it will have ‘DK’ in the name. The full fonts you can buy from these sites do not have ‘DK’ in the name (for example: ‘DK Lemon Yellow Sun’ will be ‘Lemon Yellow Sun’). You should always trash your demo font before you install the full version of the font. If you have any licensing questions: please contact customer support of the website you want to buy the font from. As I have mentioned before, I do not sell my own fonts – nor do I handle licensing.

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