Genki Desu

Genki Desu is one of those Japanese expressions that are used a lot and don’t really mean what you think they mean. You can use it as a greeting: O Genki Desu Ka? (お元気ですか – how are you), or to say you’re feeling fine (元気です – Genki Desu). The word Genki also means ‘energy’ or ‘vigor’. I am not an expert, in fact, there’s so much Japanese I can actually speak (shame on me), but Genki Desu is one of my favourites. Maybe just because it sounds so nice!

Genki Desu is a cartoon/kid’s font. It is happy, kawaii and full of Genki, so use it for any design that needs a bit of cute.

In the words of the great Yoda: ‘May the Genki be with you!’.

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