Impending Disaster

There’s nothing really disastrous (impending or not) going on in my life right now, but I have always liked the expression. I thought about it when I watched a news item about the recent storm we had in Europe. The news showed footage of a person narrowly escaping a huge falling tree.

Impending Disaster font is certainly no disaster. I created it using my fantastic Chinese ink and a broken tapas skewer (I seemed to have run out of my regular satay skewers). The result is a slightly rough, comic book kinda font. It comes with two sets of alternates for the lower case letters (which cycle as you type), one set of stylistic alternates for the ‘O’ glyph (and all accented O’s), an alternate ampersand, asterisk, question mark and exclamation mark and a set of alternate numerals. Impending Disaster comes with extensive language support, including Vietnamese, Greek and Sami – so don’t come running and say you didn’t have any options! ;-)

Get it here:

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