Imperial Tea

I am a coffee person, but two years ago, just before the whole Covid-thing happened, I came down with what I assumed to be the flu. It was a really nasty flu as well: I was down for 10 days or so and when I sort of recovered, nothing tasted the same. Coffee tasted like cardboard and I couldn’t stand the taste of it, so I decided to drink tea instead. The ‘supermarket tea’ we have in Holland is quite bad and tasteless, so I ordered some proper strong English tea online and I have been drinking it ever since.

Of course I was thinking of this when I created Imperial Tea font. Imperial Tea font was made with… yes, you’ve guessed it: Chinese ink and a brush. Imperial Tea is a nice, ‘oriental-ish’ looking font that comes with a set of alternate glyphs and an impressive language support, including Vietnamese and Greek.

Get it here:

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