Mon Petit Cahier

My family and I are stuck in quarantine for a week; my eldest son tested positive for Covid19 (but everyone else tested negative), so we can’t go out. That means that the kids follow classes online.

I noticed their notebooks and suddenly realised that a notebook used to be called a ‘cahier’, which is a French word meaning the exact same thing. I guess it sounded sophisticated at the time.

Mon Petit Cahier (meaning: My Little Notebook) is a handmade script font. It is not meant to be awe-inspiring, nor do you want to use it for headlines or posters. It is a nice little font that feels at home wherever an unobtrusive script is needed.

Comes with all the diacritics you want and a set of cool double letter ligatures.

Get it here:

Myfonts Fonthaus Fontbros


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