I am (trying to) learn Danish using an app on my phone. The grammar and vocabulary are not that difficult, as the Danish language is very close to the Dutch language. The pronunciation, however, is quite tricky. Words look simple when written down, but when pronounced, they sound very different. Take ‘pige’ (‘girl’) – it reads ‘pee-guh’, right? Well, it is pronounced ‘pee-uh’. Or how about ‘brød’ (meaning bread)? If you keep in mind that the o-slash is pronounced as the ‘i’ in bird – almost like ‘uh’, it should be br-uh-d, right? Wrong again. It is pronounced br-uh-l.

I will succeed, hopefully!

Utroligt is a Danish word meaning ‘incredible’. It is a nice, uncomplicated all caps font. I made it with a cheap rollerball pen and some nice French paper. Comes with double letter ligatures and all the diacritics you’d like – including the danish ones.

Get it here:

Fontspring Fonthaus YWFT Fontbros YWFT

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