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  • Rearview Mirror

    Rearviewmirror is my favourite Pearl Jam song. Rearview Mirror font is a handmade tall & thin font.

  • Gingerline

    I stumbled across this word by accident. I was going through ‘unusual colors’, when I found a name for my font Gamboge. I also discovered Gingerline (a term for the orange shade of ripe kumquats), which I saved for an appropriate font.

  • Sugarloaf

    Sugarloaf is a happy, handmade display font. Comes in an inline and a black style.

  • Atonement

    Atonement is a splattery, scratchy font, based on my Qilin, Ravenheart and American Grunge fonts.

  • Fingerfood

    I used my index finger and Chinese ink to create this font. I thought the ink would come off easily, but that turned out not to be the case… :-( Painting by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

  • Backyard Hero

    Judging the amount of superhero series, I thought it was time for a superhero font. Meet Backyard Hero!

  • Chalkaholic

    I thought it was time for a chalk-ish font!

  • Tough Cookie

    Tough Cookie is a handmade font, which looks like it has been cut out with scissors.

  • Sweet Lemon

    This font was a mistake… Yes, you read that right. It started out as something different, but I screwed up and closed one of the glyphs by accident. Now it’s a font.. A nice one too!

  • Crowfeather

    A family of 2 distinct fonts, each with their Italic style.