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  • Bitterbrush

    There’s nothing bitter about Bitterbrush; in fact, it’s a really sweet hand brushed font. And it is also my first ever Vietnamese language supporting font!

  • Wintanceastre

    I am a HUGE fan of Bernard Cornwell’s ‘The Saxon Stories’. Ever since a television series has been made, the series of books is also know as ‘The Last Kingdom’. I have read them all, at break-neck speed and I can’t wait for the next book!! Wintanceastre is based on a 10th century Latin Manuscript,…

  • Hyldemoer

    Hyldemoer is a sprite or nymph who lives in Elder-trees. This fairytale font was based on my Mysterious font and the first letters of the Beowulf manuscript (‘Hwæt! We Gardena…’).

  • Black Cluster

    A Black Cluster is something from Star Trek. I didn’t know when I came up with this font, as I am not really a Trekkie myself. But the name is good and it really fits this inky font.

  • Bladesmith

    Some time ago I forged my first skeggøx (a ‘bearded’ axe) and I really liked it! It also inspired me to make this new font.

  • Liquid Amber

    Liquidambar is a beautiful tree native to America. Liquid Amber is a handmade font which comes with oodles of diacritics, loads of style, some swashes and some alternate glyphs.

  • Twirrewyn

    Twirrewyn is a Frisian word which means ‘Whirlwind’. And a whirlwind font family it is: rather rough, very inky and it will leave a lasting impression!

  • Weeping Willow

    Weeping Willows always remind me of China: as a tour guide I spent a lot of time there. Weeping Willow is a handmade script font that comes with double letter ligatures and swashes.

  • After Nightfall

    After Nightfall is a handmade fairytale font that comes with a whole bunch of swashes!   Picture by Casey Horner on Unsplash

  • Darkness Rising

    Just before I created this font, I was in a gloomy mood (hence the name), because I didn’t have any inspiration at all. But after a good workout in the gym, things finally went my way!