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  • Camping Holiday

    My family and I (especially the kids) love to camp. This year we’ll go to England. Camping Holiday font is a sans serif ‘book cover’ font.

  • Lucky Goldfish

    By now you must have realised that I really like animals and I also like naming fonts after them. This time it’s a goldfish that hits the limelight!

  • Funky Flamingo

    I have no special interest in Flamingoes, nor do I keep them in my backyard, so I can’t really tell you why I named this cute font Funky Flamingo….

  • Printout

    Printout is a handmade ‘typewriter style’ font. It is named Printout because I had to print out some poems for my niece and her friend when I was working on this font. Font naming made easy…. ;-)

  • Coconut Punch

    Coconuts are not that healthy! I always thought they were a superfood, but apparently they are full of saturated fats, sugars and calories.. But, they taste good, so I named a font after them! ;-)

  • Scratch Up

    Scratch Up is a pair of scratchy fonts that started out by testing a new Japanese brush pen I bought.

  • Pineapple Daydream

    Pineapples are really expensive here in Holland, but my kids love them, so occasionally I buy one. I also named a font after this fruit! Image by Pineapple Supply Co on Unsplash

  • Earworm

    An Earworm is a catchy tune that keeps repeating itself in your head. And now it is a cute font as well!

  • Quite Something

    Quite Something is a messy font, ideally suited for children’s book covers and product packaging.

  • Crowd Funded

    Crowd Funded is an all caps display font. Comes with a generous amount of diacritics AND basic Cyrillic!