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  • Runaround Kid

    I was listening to some old Smashing Pumpkins albums when I made this font.

  • Follow The Light

    This one’s for you, Nataschja.

  • Band Wagon

    I don’t know why, but I felt the need to create a Western font.

  • Seven Seas

    A while ago, my son asked me to name the ‘Seven Seas’. Well, that was quite difficult, as I can name more that seven! It did give me the name for this handmade serif, though!

  • Silent Echo

    Silent Echo is a beautiful, handmade all caps font that comes with a lot of swashes!

  • Fairy Godmother

    It’s been a while since I last made a fairytale font, so without further ado: here’s Fairy Godmother. She comes with a bag full of swashes as well.

  • Return Policy

    I bought something online, but when I received it, it wasn’t exactly what I had hoped it would be. So I read the return policy and sent it back. And… came up with this font and its name in the process!

  • Route Du Soleil

    The (in)famous Route Du Soleil – a stretch of highway from Paris to Lyon, which most European vacationers are familiar with. It will lead you to bliss, but in high summer you’ll have to go through hell to get there! Route Du Soleil font is a handmade script font with swashes and ligatures and comes…

  • Chilly Cherry

    I was eating some cherries that came from a cooling cell when I made this font…. ;-)

  • Caerphilly

    I love the legend of King Arthur. I am reading a book about it right now and I decided to give this new font a Welsh name. Caerphilly is based on a 16th century manuscript and has that great ‘ye olde’ look.