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  • Breakfast Noodles

    A nice, uncomplicated headline font that comes with ultra-cool swashes!

  • Bored Crayon

    This font is made by my 8 year old son Sam. He likes to help his dad! It is a freeware font, but donations are appreciated, as Sam is saving up for a ticket to Japan – to see the temples and possibly a ninja… ;-)

  • Clootie

    A clootie (in Scottish) is a rag or a cooked sweet dumpling. And a font too!

  • Spoonbread

    A Southern American pudding-like dish and a lovely font as well!

  • Yuge

    A font fit for a megalomaniac! Of course, it’s the best font. Ever.

  • Demagogue

    A display/protest font named after an Urban Dance Squad song.

  • Kingsmead Script

    Last year I spent some time exploring the city of Bath in England. Kingsmead is an electoral ward of Bath and I liked the name!

  • Hungry Zombie

    It wants to eat your brain! ;-)

  • Wandering Pencil

    A nice pencil font in honour of my ever disappearing pencils…

  • Minehead

    Minehead is named after a Somerset town that we once visited on a camping trip.